Other Works

Greenhouse Museum

A short story series following four boys on a mission to revitalize an abandoned strip mall into a thriving community greenhouse and conservation space. This slice-of-life solarpunk-ish tale has the boys navigating the ups and downs of their relationships in small town Anywhere, USA.

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Vibe Check

Taking a look at newly released cozy video game titles and seeing if they live up to the hype. I take a look at mostly indie titles and break them down into the promises the project said they would deliver, as well as take a look at where all the funding came from. Like all game reviews, vibe checks are just subjective, and I attempt to give each game a fair shake at 60 hours of gameplay time. Come find out if your fave passes the check!

Exploring Spirit

A series exploring various New Age spiritual concepts, movements, and their histories. I try to take a look at the different people and groups involved in bringing these ideas to the world, how they may be harmful, and how they may be beneficial. Your beliefs are your own but it’s important to know where those beliefs come from, that’s what this series aims to do — bring you the knowledge to form your own beliefs.