#WordWeavers – 4/2 – 10/2

Hey friends! Hope your weeks all go well. This week is my birthday week and…I just wanted to let you all know that next week Far North will be released! If you’ve been enjoying my responses to these prompts, the vast majority of them are coming from the Far North project and I would love if you would consider checking it out. More next week on where to get your hands on it (for free)!

Let’s get into these prompts then, shall we?

Feb 4 – What is your SC’s relationship with their parents?
For Johann – Robert, Christophe, and Claire were essentially his parents. He was ripped away from his parents at a very young age as he was a runt of the litter. I wont get too into it because it would be spoilers for the second book.
I will say that his relationship with Robert has transformed over the years, but that he’s incredibly loyal to him. They are very close to one another, neither one is really afraid of offending the other, and often read more as close friends these days. Johann is still deferential to Robert at times, but he’s not afraid to assert himself when need be.
As for Emily, her health concerns meant that she had a harder time emancipating herself from her family. She loves them, dearly, and is deeply grateful for all that they’ve done for her. They don’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of decisions, though, and she’s glad to no longer be living with them and feeling like she has no input. They live further south and west of where she is now, so she doesn’t see them often, but they keep in contact. I wouldn’t say they’re close knit. More that her health has bound them together.

Feb 5 – Who is the most influential person in your MC’s life?
For Vic, it would be her father and absent mother. Again, I won’t get too into it because spoilers. Vic is very close with her father and really does look to him for guidance…even when they’re having a bit of a tiff.
It’s due to him that she has any interest in the North to begin with. He never told her not to ask questions, only really admonished her for dreaming the day away instead of working. He is often the voice that tries to ground her in reality…while filling her head full of scary stories about things that haunt the night.
As for Robert, he could likely point to a handful of influential people. Christophe, Claire, Tobey, and his own rotten father. That said, the one he remembers most fondly would be the mentor who taught him antique appraisal to begin with. Without them, Robert and Johann would not have the life they do now. And Robert would not be any closer to finding the information he’s after…

Feb 6 – What smell would instantly bring up a good memory for your SC?
Emily’s chicken roast in the oven. Rosemary, sweet carrots, and the way the chicken juices all melt together. It’s Johann’s favorite. It’s also not a dish she makes all that often and it’s all for him. Emily maintains a vegetarian diet and generally finds cooking meat detestable, but because of what he is, she makes an exception for Johann now and again.
Emily and Vic share a love for the outdoors, where they differ is what smell they treasure. While Vic loves the smell of grasses and sun-baked earth drifting on the breeze — Emily loves the smell of violets and peonies. She doesn’t much care for overly perfumed flora as they can quickly overpower her, but the lighter scents are a delight. The garden at Robert’s is filled with sweet, light smelling flowers that — on the right spring day — fill her sewing room with peace.

Feb 7 – What sound does your antagonist hate?
My instinct is to say, “what sounds does he love? I can’t think of many…”
I know that paints Christophe in a pretty unflattering light, almost like he’s a universal Bad Guy that just hates everything. He does enjoy things, I swear!
But since this isn’t a question about that, I would have to say he most hates the sound of crying and the wyr’s howling. The howling is a distraction, which is why he makes his wyr go off on their own to “bray and pray” as he would say.
With the crying, it’s too familiar. It has nothing to do with weakness, per se, just that he finds it is the one thing that breaks through his guard. It means responsibility. For someone else. He’d rather if someone needs to cry that they do it far away from him.

Feb 8 – What kind of touch is the most comforting for your MC?
Vic finds small touches to be comforting: a squeeze of the hand, a touch that lingers on her shoulder, a gentle brushing of the hair from her eyes. She isn’t someone who finds hugs or big shows of affection to inspire comfort in her. They’re nice, but it’s the little things that bring her a sense of a person, and thus comfort around them.
Robert is a sucker for those touches that last. Holding on to someone, being wrapped up next to them. It reminds him of his mother. Of being safe against cold nights. The longer the touch, the more comfort it brings.

Feb 9 – What kind of touch does your MC hate?
On the opposite side of the touches that last, Robert hates touches that seem to wander and forced closeness. Touches that dance around, or entwine like a snake, and never seem to settle somewhere. When he first met Christophe, he thought he enjoyed those sorts of touches, but quickly came to realize how distracting and discomforting they were. How sinister the motivations underneath them could be.
Vic hates too much picking. As in, pinching or touches that fuss over perfecting her appearance. Touches that make her feel inadequate. She isn’t a generally fussy person about her appearance, so she hates it when others are. It’s fine if they’re just, for example, trying to keep her hair out of her eyes or helping her adjust something. It’s not fine when it’s done to just treat her as an object.

Feb 10 – Does your MC have comfort food?
Potatoes. Specifically, potato soup. Straight-forward, hardy, and easy to make in winter when all that’s really left are potatoes. Vic is just simple like that. Most soups and stews will bring her a sense of comfort, but potato soups in particular just warm in a different way.
On the other hand, Robert has a sweet tooth. Warm, melted, hot chocolate made with cream. It was a special treat growing up since chocolate and cream were usually imported goods. He hasn’t had it in many years and misses the smell and taste of it, but on the occasions he’s been around it, just holding it and feeling the warmth of the mug is enough. Drinking it now wouldn’t be the same and would just upset his stomach, so he contents himself with just its warmth.

Alright, that’s it for the week. See you all next week for more! Take care, stay safe and sane!