Hello, friends!

If you’re here, you’re hopefully familiar with my Mastodon or Twitch presence. If not, welcome! My name is A Byrd and I enjoy creating many varied things.

Currently, I’m working on a few projects. I try to post updates regularly on progress, as well as completed works that wont be entered for publishing or contests. I’m currently working on:

-Far North Novels-

This is a long-term project I started many years ago during NaNoWriMo 2010. While it has come a long way in ideation from that point, it’s been nearly 11 years since I wrote anything for it. During NaNoWriMo 2021 that all changed.

This is a series of four books following a young woman looking for answers in her past and an relatively young vampire man trying to escape his. Bound together by their shared connection to the frozen North, the two find themselves thrown into things they were never ready to confront.

In this first book, we meet Vic and Robert. Plagued by a deeply unhinged figure from his past, Robert is faced with having to make a decision to either continue to run or face the inevitable. At the same time, Vic finds herself pulled into a world far beyond her darkest nightmares.

For 2022-23, it’s my goal to finish the first draft of Running, the first of the Far North Novels. Running, and it’s follow-up novels, will be offered as a PDF version once complete. Some limited run printings may be available upon request.

-Fiction Chapbooks-

Despite initially being a tool for the fiction writer, the chapbook has mainly served the poetry community. Though I do write poetry now and again, I thought it was past time to reclaim this tradition!

The intent is to offer a collection of fiction and poetry that I have not published or submitted anywhere. It will be an eclectic mix of pieces from various times in my life. Once there is enough material, I will offer this as a PDF. This will also be a pay-what-you-can project.


This frankly started off as a fun time messing around with a new art program. Now, the collection of available designs has grown and I’d love to share them with others. There is no overarching project here, it’s just for fun!

In the end…

I’m looking forward to this journey with you all! Thanks for being a part of this. It truly does mean a lot to me to have people interested in my work. 🙂

Stay safe and sane!


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