Project Update – May 2024

Is it the start of June already? Things felt like they really flew by this month!

So, let’s just jump into all of it, shall we?

Far North

  • Another 12k words added! This brings the total word count to 44k words and around 62 un-formatted pages. For all you stat nerds, that average out to roughly 400 words every day, if I wrote for 30 days. I usually write about 21 days out of the month, so that’s almost 600 words a day for the days that I write. Not bad, I think!
  • I think we’re officially at the half-way point. Maybe. I’ve gotten a little off the timeline lately, so it’s difficult to be sure.
  • No other major updates. Things continue to move along!

Greenhouse Museum/Nosia Archives

  • This month didn’t see a lot getting done in Greenhouse. There’s editing to do but it took a pretty hefty backseat to other projects. We’re still on track for an August release, but that may change with how much more editing needs to be done!
  • There are still three more parts to go in the Greenhouse Museum series, fyi! They’ll be rolling out over the next few months, so keep your eye out for it.
  • As for Nosia, this is another spot where writing slowed down a bit. I’ve been writing prequel material, basically — backstories for the characters. The thing is…I’m not really sure if this is going to make it into the content I release. So I’m feeling the urge to scramble, scrap plans, and rewrite a bunch of stuff. We’ll see what happens. More updates once I gather my thoughts and settle on the direction I want to take things.

Exploring Spirit

  • Ok, so, this is the other place I spent a lot of time in this month. A lot of writing went into getting the first part of the Vivekananda series together. All told…I’m still not sure how long this will end up being. So far I have three parts planned: birth through college, his time with Ramakrishna, and then his travels in India after Ramakrishna’s death. That’s still only about half the story, so I would anticipate another two sections or so to get to the end of his life.
  • I finally found a copy of the book I had been looking for! This should greatly help the research side of things and allow me to better present a balanced perspective.
  • As for a post-Vivekananda palate cleanser, I’ve decided we’ll do a little stream about Doreen Virtue’s Earth Angels: a pocket guide for incarnated angels, elementals, starpeople, walk-ins, and wizards. Why a stream? This book contains a little quiz in it that I thought would be fun to do together. So, if you’re interested in a silly little fun time, be on the lookout for that! Whenever we wrap up with Vivekananda I’ll announce a date for that stream!

Streaming/Vibe Checks

A four-block schedule announcement for the upcoming 12 Streams of Summer. All start times are 1830 Eastern, 1530 Pacific. June 9 -11 is the LEGO Botanical Tiny Plant Collection build. June 12 - 13 is a series of random cozy games from June 14 - 16 chat will play King of the Castle. And lastly June 17 - 20 will be dedicated to play Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood.
12 Streams of Summer announcement for streams from June 9 through June 20
  • It’s almost time for the 12 Streams of Summer! This is a (kind of new) event I’ll be doing every summer just before midsummer. Much like the 12 Streams of Winter, we’ll spend 12 nights together doing the various things our community enjoys. Some building, some chat plays, and as always narrative driven games! Come hang out with us, try to unseat me from my throne, and let’s have some fun!
  • I did a random Vibe Check this month since it’d been so long without one. Mostly it’s looking back at Palia and looking into the news around Sunnyside and Paralives. Unfortunately, because Sunnyside was delayed until the middle of June, we wont be playing it right away. We’ll likely get to it after my summer vacation though!
  • Lastly, summer vacation! After the 12 Stream series, I usually take a few weeks off from work to just relax and reset. This time around I’ll be off from June 21 until July 7. Then we’ll be back to our regular schedule…with maybe some additional daytime streams thrown in.

That’s it for the month! Now I’m going to go spend some time in the garden. If you’re not following me over on Mastodon, you maybe don’t know about all the garden updates I post over there. We just harvested the first round of spinach and basil the other night, we’ve got tomatoes on the way, and the mint has been a delight in our drinks for a few weeks now. Come say hi!

As always, stay safe and sane! <3


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