Project Update – Feb 2024

Phew. Sorry this is already two weeks later than I had wanted it to be, everyone.

To keep it brief, towards the end of February, we had some unexpected health stuff crop up. Then in the first real week of March, we had some planned health stuff. As of right now, we’re mostly alright and on the road to recovery.

Thanks for being patient <3

Far North

  • Did you know that Far North: Running is released?! It’s true! You can find out where to read it (or purchase it) on the Novels page.
  • Book Two is now at 14k words and 20 pages! Can you believe it? I’m kind of shocked, truth be told. I am barely through the first few potential chapters at this point and I know there’s so much room for improvement upon first edit. This is sort of my way of telling you that Book Two might be a lot longer than Running is.

Greenhouse Museum

  • Another ‘can you believe it?’ moment — all of the Part 3 stories are finished and ready to be scheduled! This little series is coming to a close. Expect to see those in the coming months!
  • It’s very strange to see this project come to an end. This was never something I had intended to turn into a series, but once I got into it, I really came to love these characters. It’s going to be weird to no longer step into this world and write about these boys. I genuinely hope you all have also enjoyed getting to know them and their stories.
  • That said, there’s still some work to do. While a collected cover-less version will be available on Internet Archive once the series is over, I’m also preparing a special edition. This will include:
    • Cover artwork from yours truly
    • All 12-parts in their intended reading order
    • The original Greenhouse Museum story that started it all
    • Commentary on how the series came to be and what inspired it all
  • The special edition will be for sale on for ~$5 in an epub format. Hope you look forward to it! Don’t worry, the series itself will always be free and you can read it at any time.

Nosia Archives

  • Not too terribly much to report here. Writing has been slow going, but largely that’s because it hasn’t been the top priority. Now that Greenhouse Museum is wrapping up it will become the new thing I work on daily.
  • When can you expect to see it? That depends on when this first part is finished. I’ve largely pansted my way through this first draft and…that’s contributing to the slowness of the writing. Now that I have a better grasp on the world and the characters, I plan to go back and plot things out a bit more.

Exploring Spirit

  • The first part of the Christian Science articles is now available! Next month, you can look forward to the second and final part of the Mary Eddy/Christian Science saga. Fair warning: the second part does carry a pretty heavy trigger warning, so please make sure to engage with what you can handle.
  • As for Vivekananda, phew. Thanks to the above mentioned health issues I haven’t had as much time as I would normally like to read. I do, however, have access to multiple sources on his life and am finally reading a more critical biography. Given that I am behind in where I’d like to be, please be patient as I put together this article and the articles on Vedanta and Raja Yoga.


  • Nothing special is planned for this month! After a couple weeks away, we’re getting back into our normal Thursday and Sunday routine. No FFXIV streams are planned for this month, but in April we’ll bring those back on every other Friday.
  • Our ACHA fundraiser is still ongoing! You don’t have to watch the stream in order to donate, either. We are now at $125 out of $500! If you’d like to help us reach our goal, you can find out more here. For each $100 we raise, J and I will be walking 1 mile. So, help us reach our goal of 5 miles!
  • Last, but not least, our next big streaming event is in June. We’ll be doing another 12-streams bash for the Midsummer! Please consider joining us if you want to hang out and play some fun party games with a bunch of rad people.

Ok, that’s all for now. Stay safe and sane out there! See you again in a couple weeks!


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