Project Update – March 2024

This is more a mid-month of March update rather than a full month recap. Still, it’s good to try and have a regular schedule.

Far North

  • We’re now at 20k words and 30 pages for this draft of Book Two! I’m still only about 1/4th of the way through the plan (maybe less, tbh), so I wouldn’t expect it to be done anytime soon. Plus, there’s got to be plenty of room for the unexpected moments to happen…like the one I wrote today.
  • That’s probably going to be it for updates on Far North for awhile, a word and page count. Maybe quick little bits about surprising things. If you were around for Book One, you’ll remember what the updates on BuyMeACoffee used to look like.

Greenhouse Museum/Nosia Archives

  • The Greenhouse Museum Complete Collection edition is all assembled into a document, waiting for some finishing touches and an export. I’m currently writing the story of how the uh…story…came to be. Why? I don’t know, it seemed like a nice little extra to include.
  • Just so you know, the part 3 posts are scheduled out through August! Once a month, on the first Wednesday of the month, you can enjoy a new part of the story.
  • After that…there will be new stories from Nosia Archive to enjoy! Think I’ve hyped this up enough in the past, so I’ll refrain from doing so right now.
  • I will say that I finally have some good momentum on the planning front. Got several rough outlines down for a couple of the characters. This series may be slow going, as a fair warning. I would definitely think about it more like your favorite web comic/fan fic than something finished. Once things get underway, we’ll find an upload cadence that works for the project.

Exploring Spirit

  • This month the last of the Christian Science articles goes live! Again, I want to reiterate, this one does carry a content warning. While I don’t go into graphic detail about the warned content, I just don’t want anyone to be too surprised by it. They’ve truly done some depraved shit, in my opinion.
  • As for Vivekananda, there is a non-zero chance that I spend some time writing out a part one that focuses on his early life and time with Ramakrishna. There’s a lot to unpack there already, to be honest, and I think that would make for a pretty self-contained article. Will update you next month on if you can expect that or not!


  • It’s going to be a pretty full month! We’re back to our regular schedule and have two FF Fridays planned: April 12th and April 26th. This is pretty much going to solely be focused on the MSQ and treating it as much like a regular JRPG as possible. For the story and all.
  • We’re also, slowly, working our way towards finishing the Wadjet Eye Bundle. It took…years, at this point, but we’re down to two games left. We’re playing Resonance now and still have Unavowed to play. Once both Old Skies and Nighthawks get a release date, you better believe we’ll play it!
  • This *may* be the month we finally get around the simulcasting over on Owncast. I don’t want to promise too much though. My GPU has been having some weird issues that I’m still in the process of diagnosing. Once we get that settled and hopefully sorted, then we’ll work on Owncasting.
  • Outside of that, our ACHA fundraiser is still going! No new updates there, we’re still at $125/$500. We’ve still got plenty of time and I really appreciate those that have donated so far. Got something I’m cooking up for over there, so if you’ve donated, keep an eye on it! If you’d like to donate, or know someone who might, please send them over to our page:

That’s it for this mid-month update! Stay safe and sane, I’ll see you on the other side of April the Fool Month!